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   The Journal of Ocean University of China(English edition) was created in 2002.
    The Journal accommodates not only the development of marine science and technology, the needs of talent cultivation, but also the tendency toward the internationalization of scientific periodicals and the globalization of cooperation and intercommunication. Relying upon the superiority in marine science studies of the Ocean University of China and the strength of Chinese marine research and exploitation, the Journal works in close collaboration with researchers in marine science. The chief editor of the Journal is Wen Shengchang, the famous oceanographer in China, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS).The editorial board is composed of eighty famous scientists and scholars from different countries.
    The Journal reflects and reports the latest research achievements in marine science and engineering, marine environment sciences and engineering, marine meteorology, marine fishery sciences, marine remote sensing and marine information technology, marine management, limnology, etc. The regular columns include research papers, technical reports, research letters, high-technology and information tracking notes, invited reviews, summarizations.
    The Journal serves scientific researchers, teachers and managers engaging in marine science and related research fields, especially those whose native language is English.
    The domestic publication number of the Journal is CN 37-1415/P, and the international standard serial number is ISSN 1672-5182. It was semiyearly from 2002 to 2004 and has been quarterly from 2005. The distribution code is 1592 QR
Subscription method: overseas subscribers please subscribe via China International Book Trading Corporation; subscribers within China please subscribe personally, by letter or internet. The current annual subscription is 80 RMB.
The Journal is indexed by the Chemical Abstracts(CA) and the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts(CSA) in the U. S. and the Abstract Journal(AJ) in Russia.
CN 37-1415/P
ISSN 1672-5182
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